Business Cards
Guerrilla Business Cards
by Bill Gallagher,  Ph.D.
In the early days of doing business in North America, most people thought  that business cards were designed to tell people your name, address, and  telephone number.In the age of the guerrilla this is no longer so.
Here are some factors to consider:

    Your business card is now a marketing piece or, at least, it should be.
    Your company slogan and your important customer benefits should also be  listed. If customers need to find you, maybe a simple map should be there. Do  you have a FAX, an email address, or a web site. Are they listed?
    Do you have an 800 number? Customers, even those living in your county, are  six to seven times more likely to call you if you have a toll-free telephone  number. Get it on your card!
    Have you considered a fold-over card? The front is more like a traditional  card, but the inside is like a mini-brochure. Customer response to these cards  is very positive. We appreciate having a complete description in one easy place.
    Make sure that we, including us mid-life plus-ers, can read your card. Keep  the print large enough.
    Make your card a "keeper." That is, give some important information on the  back that your customers will want to keep with them.
    Make sure there's some room to write a message if you need to. You should  always write some kind of personal message even if it's only "Best Wishes!" and  your first name.
    Take your guerrilla business cards to the big game. When we score a home run  or a touchdown throw about twenty of them into the air as you shout "hurrah!"  Big dividends will follow.
    Give them to well-dressed strangers with your compliment on their  appearance.
    Put your lavish 20% tip on top of your business card whenever and wherever  you tip.
    Pass them out in the elevators where everyone's a bit too close and  uncomfortable.
    Staple them to a dollar and pay for that car behind you on the bridge, the  turnpike, or the parking lot. The response will be terrific.
    Use your cards. Put a quarter in the meter for that BMW over there about to  get a ticket. Write, "U O Me" on the back. Watch what happens.
    Spend a lot of time on your business card. Make it a guerrilla business  card. Now, pass them out to everyone. They should be in your shirt pocket, in  your purse, in your wallet, in your attache case. Refill daily. Pass them out on  every greeting, every introduction, every service, every meeting to everyone.
    Give them out with purpose and intent. You have a serious business. It is  important and it is designed to really support your customers. Don't pass them  out casually, except at sport's events. Give your cards to others with two  hands. Yes, hand them to others with both hands. Notice the difference it makes.
    Business cards are marketing cards. Don't forget it!
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